Travels in Blood & Honey – stories & cooking with a beekeeper from Kosovo. Thursday 5th May 2011

When Elizabeth Gowing’s partner accepts the position of adviser to Kosovan Prime Minister Agim Çeku, Elizabeth travels to Kosovo to join him. While in Kosovo, Elizabeth receives a beehive as a birthday gift and starts a beekeeping apprenticeship with a local family. Friendships blossom and she develops a strong bond with her adopted home. The book Travels in Blood and Honey: Becoming a Beekeeper in Kosovo, promises to portray a side of Kosovo that many are unfamiliar with: a land of generous families, strong tastes and lush landscapes.

To celebrate the launch of Elizabeth Gowing’s new book, Culinary Anthropologist Anna Colquhoun will be showing you how to cook some of the recipes featured in her book.

Nettle pie, smoky red pepper relish, honey-drenched baklava, Kosovan wine and honey liqueur are some of the treats in store for you at this special event to celebrate Elizabeth Gowing’s book launch.

When:Thursday 5th May 2011, 7-10pm.
How much: £45 for one, £80 for two.

Elizabeth Gowing


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