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Doughy dim sum and bland fillings mean that the NOW dim sum take out bar on Liverpool Street gets our thumbs down. Their infused ice teas and juice blends are worthy a mention though.

Dim Sum bar NOW.

Dim Sum bar NOW.

Located opposite Liverpool Street station is the dim sum take out bar NOW, a new venture of the Ping Pong Group. I am not a big fan of Ping Pong’s dim sum but I thought I would give NOW a try for lunch anyway, hoping it might be different. The Now ‘classic basket’ (£3.99) has six varieties of dim sum:

  • Seafood Dumpling
  • Coriander Prawn Dumpling
  • Chicken Shu Mai
  • Spicy Vegetable Dumpling
  • Chicken Cashew Nut Dumpling
Classic dim sum basket @Now

Classic dim sum basket @Now

Unfortunately, I was not impressed. The dim sum shells were too doughy and almost all the fillings except for the coriander prawn and spicy vegetable dim sum were painfully bland. Thank goodness for the pot of chilli sauce on the side. Another complaint was that six dim sum were not particularly filling. A basket of eight would probably have hit the mark. To accompany my dim sum, I bought a lemon grass infused jasmine tea, which was quite tasty, not too sweet or bitter and had an invigorating jolt of lemongrass.

Interestingly, I discovered that almost all of these dim sum are available on the Ping Pong menu. Further digging revealed that the dim sum and dumplings for both NOW and the Ping Pong restaurants are produced in a central kitchen in North Woolwich and then delivered to the respective premises, where they are steamed for consumption. Having a central kitchen obviously makes a lot of economical sense, however you could also deduce from this that NOW is purely Ping Pong repackaged. So, if you don’t like Ping Pong, you won’t like NOW.

Now, 22/23 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7PD. 0207 042 9191

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5 Responses to “Now **”

  1. gastrogeek says:

    interesting stuff….i really wanted to like something about Now, but sadly I too had a bit of a disappointing meal. The hot and sour soup was actually horrible and the won ton aggressively bland. I quite liked some of the packaged snacky things they had along the front of the counters though.

  2. Diane says:

    Tried it, loathed it, stoggy manufactured tasteless dim sum dough. Better off going to a Chinese supermarket and buying frozen microwave goods for lunch instead. Custard tart cold and stale. Won tun soup tasted more like Chinese tea with lemon.

  3. Bigfella says:

    Terrible. Looks good but fails to deliver. Pork bun for £0.99 is a rip off when it’s a third of a normal sized one from chinatown. Too much dough as well. Had the beef stew but again portion was tiny with only 3 small chunks of beef. The dish was 80% rice. The server was also really annoying. Him: “Would you like a drink?”, “Would like any snacks from the front?” “would you like chilli sauce?” “would you like any dim sum?”
    Won’t be going back

  4. roym says:

    agree with your thoughts on Now. bland and not filling. however, from the window you can see the cooks folding up the dim sum on site. or at least you did before xmas.
    i’ve always liked PP, especially due to their recurring 10 pounds off loyalty card. not a patch on more authentic places but miles ahead of dimT.

  5. Marion says:

    I COMPLETELY disagree with all of the above!!! I loooove NOW!!
    The dumplings are delicious and moist and full of flavour, the pork bun is simply out of this world amazing and the chinese burger is the tastiest burger i’ve ever tasted. I’ve been there many times and will be going there plenty more.

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