Delhi Grill, Islington ****

If you want no nonsense, well executed Indian food, you need to head to Delhi Grill.

Okra @Delhi Grill

Okra @Delhi Grill

I had just returned home after a weekend away of overindulgent partying and was feeling sorrying for myself and my self-inflicted body aches. It was that kind of Sunday where an unsociable evening curled up on the sofa with a good film and some comfort food felt like the best remedy. After being impressed by the sheekh kebab roti wrap I bought a few weeks back at the Delhi Grill stand in Chapel Street market, I decided to try their restaurant for dinner. They opened earlier this summer promising Indian style “Dhaba” street food, and made a point on their flyers that their curries were slow-cooked and they didn’t use stir in sauces. I discovered that they did free delivery for all local orders over £12 so I got myself some takeaway.

Sheekh kebab @Delhi Grill

Sheekh kebab @Delhi Grill

Just as my rice cooker went ting, the food arrived. As I unpacked my Indian goodies, I noticed that they had thrown in some free pappadoms as well as a box of salad. The food lived up to its expectations. It all tasted like it had been freshly prepared and it was not heavy on the grease. The okra, which had been lightly fried with some spices, was exquisite. The sheekh kebab was wonderfully succulent and the tarka dal had been delicately spiced and had a wonderful consistency. The Rogan Gosht was immersed in quite a lot of ominous looking red sauce, but I quickly discovered that this was down to all the tomatoes that had gone into it. It got the thumbs up too, though it could have been a little spicier.

Inside Delhi Grill

Inside Delhi Grill

The Delhi Grill dinner came to a very reasonable £10 per person. This is not sophisticated food, but simple, well executed, no nonsense Indian food which puts an emphasis on freshness, and food made to order. There was no unattractive ghee floating on anything! The restaurant, like the food, seems equally as stripped back and casual with Indian newspapers glued on the walls and a chalkboard highlighting the day’s specials.

Delhi Grill 21 Chapel Market, Angel, London, N1 9EZ. 020 7278 8100

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  1. London Chow says:

    Agreed. Delhi Grill is my current favourite Indiian takeaway. Do you know that they give a free papadom for every takeaway order? Anyway, avoid their biryani, it just doesn’t hit the mark.

  2. London Chow says:

    Just realised that Delhi Grill no longer does delivery these days. What did we do when we hear that? Wife and I headed down to do a takeaway instead. Wanted to fire up our rice cooker like yourself but ended up ordering naans to go with our lamb gosht instead. Oh well…

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