A woman’s ensemble is never complete without the correct handbag, be it a clutch, a tote bag, a hobo or an evening purse. Handbags are an expensive luxury that women love to indulge in; and to own a branded handbag is pure pleasure. All designer bags are handmade and are priced very steeply. Be it a Hermes, a Prada, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacob – these names are a way to flaunt your wealth and make a style statement.

Let us look at wayuu bags, more precisely the leather bags which are all exclusively made by hand. The process involves several engineers, leather artisans, leather cutters and designers. Each season several prototypes of handbags are made and out of them and only a select few are approved. In a month the Hermes staff can produce only around 15 exquisitely crafted handbags in various sizes and textures.

The whole process starts with scrutinizing the leather which is cowhide, calfskin, goat hide, alligator leather, crocodile skin, and even ostrich to name just a few; though the crocodile leather bags are preferred by most women. The leather cutter identifies the best parts that can be used for the bag. This is followed by rechecking the leather for any glitches and disfigurements. The leather is dyed in several shades to suit the chosen designs.

Each bag consists of several intricate stitches which are put in by great care by the women who herit the tradition of making those colorful bags. All hardware is silver and palladium finish. Every single stitch is diligently sewn with great care and every single link in the chains is hand welded for the perfect finish. Only after several hours of detailing, processing and sewing that the one-in-a-million Wayuu handbag makes its way to boutiques across the world.